Jay Mcfarland

talk show host • instructor • developer • author

This book cuts through all of the partisan nonsense of the day and identifies the principles that make the United States the nation that it is. Once these core concepts are identified the book then applies them to the important issues of our day.


“A Must Read! I can’t understand what it is about this book that makes it deserve anything less than 5 stars. Anyone with opposing beliefs are smacked in the face with the truth with every chapter! The facts written in this app expose the lies behind the anti-capitalist agendas taking place in Washington. No matter what political party you belong to, or if you don’t have a political preference and you’re just eager for some educational information about what’s going on in your country, this is the App/Book for you!”


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Joyful Union is designed to make a difference in your marriage today! Inside this book you will find easy to understand concepts that will help you find the magic from the early days in your marriage and make it last a lifetime. There is absolutely no reason for the love within any marriage to fade away. People who fall “out of love” make choices everyday that ultimately cause this disaffection to occur!


“Wasn’t really sure when I purchased this app if it would be a waste of time, within the first pages I knew that I had made a good choice and the ideas, thoughts and suggestions have truly opened my eyes to see what I have ignored. Thanks to the author!!! App gets 10 stars from me. Great application that will open your eyes and enlighten you!!”


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