Jay Mcfarland

talk show host • instructor • developer • author

Jay Mcfarland spent most of his early career as a restaurant owner and operator in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas Nevada. At the age of 29 he was asked to run 42 restaurants for a national corporation. In 2002 Jay financed a small talk radio show with a desire to have an impact on local and national issues. Within a matter of months Jay was offered a position with the number one talk station in Nevada. In 2005 Jay was asked to bring his show to Dallas Texas where he hosted a very popular talk program focusing on issues instead of partisan bickering. In August of 2010, with a great desire to return home, Jay accepted a position with KSL NewsRadio as a co-host on the Browsers radio program.


In addition to his hosting duties on KSL Jay has also authored two books, "Freedom Ain't Free" and "Joyful Union," and he has created several popular apps and games for the iPhone and iPad devices as well as Android and Windows 8.


Jay is a proud father of 4 children and celebrated his 20th anniversary with his beautiful wife in 2011.

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